Gladius Pulley station HW9 KELTON Heavy

  • Gladius Pulley station HW9 KELTON Heavy
  • Gladius Pulley station HW9 KELTON Heavy
  • Gladius Pulley station HW9 KELTON Heavy
  • Gladius Pulley station HW9 KELTON Heavy
  • Gladius Pulley station HW9 KELTON Heavy
Producer: KELTON
Product code: HW9+HD3
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New HEAVY GLADIUS pulley station says NO to Chinese exercisers!

Upgrade your equipmejnt! This is not an exerciser of a bamboo width profile! We don`t cut costs onour materials. Your home gymm should be equipped with the exerciser of 80x60x2 mm. Only our HEAVY Gladius will give quite a workout to your muscles! No Chinese exerciser will hold 500 KILOGRAMS!


Technical data:

Parameter Value
Overall dimensions 150 cm x 210 cm x 110 cm
(length x height x width)
Weight 50 kg
Tested strength 500 kg
Construction profile 80x60x2 mm and 50x50x2 mm
Width with HD3 long bar 110 cm
Weight stack in set No
Training load Weight stack/free load
Number of plates 10 pcs
Load bar length 20 cm
Load bar diameter 25 mm
Weights minimum thickness 26 mm
Wheels: Plastikowe ze stalowymi łożyskami i głębokim rowkiem na linkę
Line: 4mm PCV
Bar clamping system 6 mm carabiner
Bars in set HD3 long bar for free
You can also install: - HZ12 equipment with seat and thigh lock
- HZ8 leg equipment
- HZ9 Butterfly
- HZ1 preacher bench
- HZ5 preacher bench
- HZ6 preacher bench
- HZ7 foot support

What do you get?

The factYour benefit
Super durable, fully welded construction of 80x60x2 mm. You can also upgrade it!. You can have your KILLER WORKOUTS whenever you need them.
Weight stack/free load training. To Ty decydujesz czy chcesz dokupić ciężar na stos, czy wykorzystać krążki, które masz już w siłce.
Plate lifting (round profiles as guides) Only our professional equipment will give you such comfort and precise weight management!
1:1 load handling. By selecting a 100 KG load on the stack, you will feel 100 KG on your chest as well. In other constructions, the manufacturers use a gear ratio at which 100 KG feels like 50 KG. Just imagine how much money you save on the weights!
Lower pulley. Mogąc ćwiczyć na wyciągu dolnym dorzeźbisz GRZBIET co do centymetra.
Heavy, solid, Kelton plastic wheels with steel bearings manufactured according to our design (retractable) Your lifetime warranty for perfect cable management.
Deep grooves. The cable won`t last that long in any other lifting system. There`s no need to replace it so often.
Doubly potected bearings. Perefect for your intense back workouts!
Loading system (rod with a diameter of 25 mm). You can start training with 500 kilograms.
Training cables completed with sleeves fixed with 2 hex socket screws. You can work with really heavy weights and you`re 100% safe.
Rubber balls. Quiet operation. No noises during your workout.
HD3 long bar. You can start exercising your back immediately.
Additional option – HZ12 equipment with seat and thigh lock. You will take a comfortable and stable position during training, which will will have a positive impact on building MUSCLES.
Additional option – HZ8 leg equipment. Build POWERFUL LEGS for symmetrical and eye-catching silhouette.
Additional option – HZ1, HZ5 or HZ6 preacher bench. Only with a solid prayer bench you`re able to build a HUGE BICEPS.
Additional option – Butterfly HZ9. Get ready to PUMP YOUR CHEST!
Additional option– HZ7 Foot support. It can support your legs and work on your BACK with the lower pulley.
Tested and approved by professors of the Academy of Physical Education in Cracow. You are sure that you are buying equipment that is proven by top-class specialists.


Here`s a list of exercises you can perform using our pulley:

  • Cable front raise
  • Cable lateral raise
  • Bent over cable reverse fly
  • Peck deck with narrow grip (buy the HZ9 equipment)
  • Peck deck with wide grip(buy the HZ9 equipment)
  • Pec deck(buy the HZ9 equipment)
  • Cable Crossovers (standing straight up) (two pulleys)
  • Flat Bench Cable Flyes( two pulleys)
  • Seated cable row
  • Seated cable pulldown
  • Wide grip lat pull down
  • Reverse grip lat pull down
  • Neutral grip lat pull down
  • Cable seated crunch
  • Cable crunch
  • Cable side bends
Ramiona Triceps Biceps
  • Cable curl
  • Barbell wrist curl
  • Down barbell wrist curl
  • Cable Tricep Extension
  • Standing biceps cable curl
  • Supported tricep extension
  • Cable on arm tricep extension
  • Preacher curl
  • One arm dumbbell Preacher Curl
  • Tricep preacher pushdown
Biceps and quadriceps femoris muscle
Adductor/Abductor muscle
Nogi Dwugłowe lub czworogłowe ud przywodziciele lub odwodziciele Łydki
  • Leg knee bend (standing straight up)
  • Hip abduction (backwards)
  • Hip adduction (inwards)



Tech specs:
Maksymalna waga użytkownika:
wyciąg dolny
wyciąg górny
mięśnie nóg
wyciskanie na siedząco
Cechy dodatkowe:
regulacja siedziska
Waga (z opakowaniem):
Waga produktu z opakowaniem jednostkowym:

GWARANCJA STANDARD - Warranty is granted by the producer for a period of 24 months.

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